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For us, the most beautiful moment… is when we reap the fruits of our efforts, knowing that we have been able to deliver our message and reach our goal.

Our guests express their feelings and impressions of the program.

We reached their hearts, this is what they had to say:

Everything was perfect visiting the musuem was a unique experience , market was interesting , food was delicious

This was the best cultural experience in my life !!!

Please, keep it the same

Date : 11/1/2019


First of all, let me extend my compliments to you for the national holiday and the vision for your country reinforced by your leadership.

I do not want to miss thanking you again for the outstanding cultural tour that I was blessed to benefit from on Wednesday, leaving lasting impression.

Thinking about it again and again, I can assure you that this was the best compact cultural introduction in any of the 48 countries I visited or worked in during my life, very competent, sensitive, balanced and comprehensive.

I would like to express my gratitude for the material gifts I received.

The fact that I gave only four stars in the rating sheet for the quality of the gifts goes in line with the joke I made to my colleagues and some close friends: 5 stars are reserved for receiving a Saudi passport and a Mercedes S500 :-)))).

No, I got more than expected and deserved. Thank you!

God=Allah bless!

Date : 23/9/2018


Once again, I would like to thank you for the wonderful evening yesterday. It was  rather eye-opening experience to walk though this very interesting Museum, and I certainly enjoyed you insights into everything from geology, geography, history and religion.

I must say, the most important thing I took away was appreciation of Islam, and its role in peoples’ lives. Most of us in the West know very little about it and what we know is probably incorrect.  It was very nice of you to explain the meaning of your religion, while we followed the Prophet’s life as it was described in the museum.

Your gifts included a copy of The Qur’an. I will start reading it on my long flight home tomorrow. Maybe when we meet next time, I will be better educated.

I would like to remind you that if you choose to continue your education in the US, I will be happy to rote a letter on your behalf. I hope you do, and perhaps we meet there next time. Meantime, lets keep in contact via e-mail.

Again, I truly appreciate you taking time away from your family yesterday and thank you very much for the great evening.

With the warmest regards,


Date : 18/5/2012

Stephen Lory, PhD

I would like to express my most sincere thanks for the tour yesterday. I do not have adequate words to express how much I enjoyed it, how much I learnt. What a privilege it was to be able to see it all with new eyes. Thank you for your time.


The gift of the thobe and the head gear was such a huge surprise. Once a again much most heartfelt thanks.


I can very honestly say that phrase I have learnt in Arabic – Alhamd lilah



Date : 11/3/2018

John Kerchhoff

I liked absolutely everything

The visit was one of the complete cultural indestanding , amazing awareness that i ever experienced

This experience will stay memorable in my mind and heart.

I wish all the rest of the world knew about the real Saudia Arabia. I hope to come back to visit the friends i made here.


Ana Azevedo

I liked learning about the history of Saudia Arabia and about Islam in the mosque. I learned so much!

I wish this knowledge was available to everyone! The way in which it was presented , with so much welcome and pride was wonderful.

Date : 11/8/2017


We travel around the world alot and this was by far the most enjoyable tour i have been on especially the guides.


Carolyn Clement

My name is Cris Valentine I have been in Saudi Arabia for half a day now and my heart is overflowing with affection for the people and the culture and the hospitality that I have experienced it’s so important in today’s world that we know people intently face to face and not in the media we need to get on an airplane and be with people who are different than us we need to listen we need to learn how to listen so carefully and it seems to me that this program has allowed us to ask questions and be with each other in an honest authentic manner.

I’m so grateful eternally grateful for what it’s that we have learned the conversations we’ve had and also the terrific food we are grateful for the gifts and the opportunity to learn grow and develop relationships.

Relationships among people will need to peace and tolerance in a world that is so broken so need a compassion and we understand that the traditions of all our religions help us to get along with each other better and work towards a world of peace.

Thank you very much.


Chris Valentine

what a wonderful Friday was it. I cannot thank you enough for the warm welcome to your country.

You found a very friendly way to make sure the visitors understand a bit more of your country, history, traditions and culture.

I was blessed to meet you.

I have told about you to many of my friends and work-colleagues.

Hopefully we will have a large team to engage with you soon.

In the mean time, is it possible that you share the weblink from which I could download the pictures you have taken of the group ?

I thank you once again, Paulo (from Brazil).


Paulo Rocha

Hi There

I wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing a wonderful experience with me tonight. Abdullatif and Ali’s hospitality allowed me to see so much in such a short time it gave an outstanding insight into the real authentic Saudi culture which is so different from what is sometimes portrayed. The depth of their knowledge and open conversation truly made a difference to the whole experience. Thank you for your time, energy and commitment to this project I would strongly recommend it to others coming like me to Saudi for the first time. I only hope one day I can return the favour!


Date : 17/7/2018

Peter Thompson