The Cultural tour

The Cultural tour

The Masmak Fortress or Masmak Palace is a famous historical landmark located at the heart of old Riyadh. The Masmak played a decisive role in the Kingdom’s formation journey when King Abdulaziz and his men succeeded in recapturing the fortress on January 15th ،1902 and set out on a mission to unify the Arabian Peninsula and to establish the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Cultural Tour to The Masmak Fortress is our main tour in which we take you in a journey through time to relive the historical moments and events that led to the birth of a great nation.

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The cultural tour program includes:

Partake in a guided tour inside the historical Masmak fortress.

The Masmak

Take a walk to the nearby traditional Souq to try out the Saudi Arabian national outfit, burn some incense, and take photos with the Arabian falcon.

The Traditional Souq

Visit a mosque and be familiar with the important role and eminent stature that a mosque occupies in the daily lives of Muslims.

The Mosque

Enjoy the traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine and the authentic taste of famous local dishes.

The Saudi cuisine

Engage in lively discussions on the matters of culture, traditions and history

Engage in Cultural Discussions

Collect your complementary gifts and fill the feedback survey.

The gift and The feedback