Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque Tour


Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque Tour

Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque is considered to be the largest mosque in Riyadh. The magnificent landmark is a complete Islamic Centre that offers numerous services to the community. The guided tour to Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque, provides an introduction to Islam for non-Muslim visitors, takes visitors inside the Grand Mosque to explore its different internal sections and learn about the important role it performs for the community at large. Our tour guides will answer guests’ questions about Islam and the cultural aspect of it and how it blends into the daily life interactions of people in Saudi Arabia.


In the The Grand Mosque tour you will:

Meet and greet at the Mosque parking lot.

Welcome visitors at the reception, serve refreshments and watch a short film about Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque and its role within the local community.

Visit the Mosque library.

Listen to the call to prayer (Athan) and witness the live performance of prayers.

Attend an introductory lecture about Islam and its basic principles.

Engage in lively discussions on the matters of culture, faith and worship.

Visit the photo gallery and pick up free copies of our publications.

Collect your complementary gifts, take photos, and fill the feedback survey.